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Brigit Pond

Austin Bicycle Map
The Austin Bicycle Map shows all Priority 1 routes in the Austin Bicycle Plan. Each route is rated for the ease or difficulty of riding with current conditions, based on traffic volumes, lane widths and traffic speed.

Other Maps of Austin

We now carry the full line of BladeZ b*mobile Mobility Scooters!
Check out the new eGo Cycle2, a Revolutionary Leap Forward in Electric Transportation!
We are proud to offer the M-750X! With speeds up to 30mph, this is -THE- cycle for the true thrill-seeker!

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750 DIY Kit

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We are proud to offer:

Full Showroom and Repair Shop!
Electric Bicycle tours around beautiful Austin, Texas!
Electric Bike Rentals!
Fleet and Corporate Sales! **NEW!**
On-Site Maintenance Programs!
Hundreds of vehicles in stock!
Expert Sales Staff!

Alien Scooters is the  hub in this infinite universe of Electric scooters, mopeds, e-bikes and mobility scooters. Feel secure however, that Alien Scooters' dedication and speciality in electric vehicles means we've researched, inspected and in some cases, custom designed our E-vehicles to ensure that the products we carry meet our high standards for safety and performance. As incredibly durable and low maintenance as our products are, we consider our support services and maintenance just as important as our sales. You don't have to get lost in outer space wondering where to go for parts, tune-ups, upgrades, repairs or accessories for any E-vehicle. Being electric doesn't mean being alien, but Alien Scooters thinks being green is pretty COOL!

- From EV World

Solving Science Mysteries Could Pave Path to Limitless, Clean Energy

America's Oil Addiction Funds Terrorism

- From the Ukiah Daily Journal

Solar Carousel Debuts

- From the IEEE Spectrum Online

China's Cyclists Take Charge

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The Big Three Bike Projects
Still Spinning Their Wheels?

Bicycle Nomads and the
Winds of Change

Bikes Across Borders
Winter Bicycle Migration

- From the MIT Technology Review

Environmental Heresies


Alien Scooters Specials

We offer specials at our store that may not be available on the website, so come visit us and test ride an  E-Bike or Moped while you are there. Please note that store prices may vary from web prices, so email or call us with questions. Store product are assembled and tested prior to sale to assure that you are Ready to Ride on an Alien Scooter!

Alien Scooters offers a full spectrum of Electric Scooters, parts, service, accessories and training for the Electric Vehicle community. We are your source for quality in design and service. Whether you are interested in electric transportation because of its zero-emission and environmentally conscious design or its quiet, compact build or just for the sheer fun of zipping around, Alien Scooters has the models you want and an experienced, knowledgeable staff to guide you through the universe of Electric Scooters.
Being green or rather, environmentally friendly, is integral to the Alien Scooters experience. We support sustainable living concepts and are specially focused on developing solar energy charging systems for powering the wonderful array of electric vehicles and other tools that add quality to our lives. Commuting with electric powered vehicles brings life back into focus… The rider sees, hears and experiences the world around them in a way impossible with a noisy, closed-up gas powered vehicle. The most common sign of this radical shift is the Big Smile!

“I bought a M750 from my local dealer in Austin Texas (Alien Scooters) about a month ago. I LOVE the bike. I use it to commute back and forth to work about 3 times a week (8 miles each way). I do the round trip on one charge in turbo mode with a fair number of hills and me pedaling to assist most of the way. Thanks for a great product.”

- Ray Clayton

Bion-X Go-Ped