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Alien Scooters is Growing! We are now offering opportunities to create your own business as an Independent Sales Representative.

On Mar 1, 2006 Alien Scooters Marketing will launch our Alien Scooters Independent Representative Program. Be one of the first 100 people to pre-register for this opportunity and receive a special discounted price of $149.95 After that, the registration fee will increase to $225.00. Don't delay. Get a jump start on your future with this ground floor opportunity right now!

Worldwide sales of Light Electric Vehicles exceeded 2 million units in 2002 and over 800K in the US alone. Projected sales in the US, according to Cycle Electric, will be over 16 million units by 2010. Advances in technology are also enabling electric transportation to compete with gas-powered mopeds and motorcycles, which in 2002 numbered 28 million units.

Pollution, traffic congestion, high petroleum prices, and car maintenance costs are all on the rise. These trends, as well as initiatives and legislation from the transportation industry, environmental organizations, and the government are driving the movement toward alternative methods of urban transportation. One form of transportation creates almost no pollution. It has maintenance costs twelve times cheaper than most cars. It is not dependent on foreign oil reserves. It produces little noise, has few legal restrictions, and goes faster and further than most bicycles. This solution is an electric bike or scooter.

Become an Alien Scooters Independent Representative and help us save the earth while you make $$money$$ at the same time. This program is designed to be very profitable and successful. If you already own an Alien Scooter product you know how popular you've become; these small electric vehicles attract attention like a MAGNET! You won't be in short supply of customers or backup support when it comes to your personal success.

Become an Alien Scooters Independent Representative and have the opportunity to sell our products in your area and earn $$$ generous commissions $$$. We provide everything you will need to create your own Alien Scooters Micro Store. Here's what we include in your Success Kit:

  • A complete, full color presentation binder with all of our product line, product specs and selling points.
  • A CD with printable versions of product sheets, brochure & business card layouts.
  • Flier and postcard files you can customize with your name and contact information.
  • Order form book along with a consumer check list and warranty information. A success book by one of the world's leading entrpreneurs and personal success instructors designed to inspire and help you manage your new INCOME.
  • Special 'Dealers Only' website for tracking the commissions from your sales and overrides from other Independent Representatives you sign up.
  • Custom designed Alien Scooters Independent Representative polo shirt.

Register to become an Alien Scooters Independent Representative and receive your Identification Number, Log-in information and your Success Kit. After you have studied the material, become knowledgeable about the product line and website, you are ready to start making MONEY. It's so easy! You do not have to own an electric vehicle to start selling; however, it will really boost your income if you do. Prove it to yourself - Be your own first customer and receive a commission for the sale

Keep your Team Growing! Benefit by encouraging others to register as Alien Scooters Independent Representatives. When one of your Representatives sells an electric scooter, bike, moped or accessories you receive a 2% override commission on their sales as long as you qualify. This program is a two tiered marketing system, not an MLM, so you receive the 2% override only on the people that you personally sign up. There is no limit to the number of Independent Representatives you can register. Alien Scooters makes it easy for you to qualify and earn this passive income; just sell 1 (one!) electric vehicle per month after registering at least 3 new Independent Representatives.

The Alien Scooters Independent Representative Program is the perfect income producing vehicle for you. Earn a supplemental income by offering these products to your friends or family or target larger customers and fleet sales by selling to businesses. Build your own network of other Alien Scooters Independent Representatives; this is the time to make a commitment to your personal wealth.

Pressure to lower prices has resulted in serious quality deficiencies in many products in this industry and can lead to safety risks. This major problem is further enhanced as most competitors have no service or repair capabilities. Alien Scooters specializes in personally testing and verifying the quality of its merchandise before selling it to consumers and sells only premium quality products. Alien Scooters also emphasizes safety in all of its sales. Not only are consumers required with each purchase to sign a checklist explaining safety recommendations, but we will be hosting safety and maintenance seminars for the community in the near future. Alien Scooters is also working with other scooter manufacturers to establish a National Scooter Association that will establish quality and safety standards for the industry. Alien Scooters has a mere 0.2% return rate on its products compared to over 2% for other retailers and up to 70% for mass merchandisers.

Alien Scooters, LLC began its retail store operations in January 2003 in Austin, Texas offering a full line of electric scooters, bikes, mopeds along with repair and maintenance services. Alien Scooters provides more efficient, less expensive, and pollution free alternatives to gas powered transportation. In addition to direct scooter sales, Alien Scooters provides upgrades, tours, rental programs and vehicle accessories.

Take advantage of this Special Offer and pre-register now! Join Alien Scooters and become successful and prosperous. Be one of the first 100 to join at $149.95. Remember, after March 1, 2006 the fee will increase to $225.00. Please fill out the following form and we will send you an informational packet.